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Basic vocabulary

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  • top concept
  • concerns the whole work which can be divided into two phases: the data production phase and the data analysis phase
  • metadata can be given to describe a study


  • main concept for data
  • it coresponds to lines in 2d data table
  • it can be represented with a compound tuple: (date, agent, action, context, …)
  • the column of 2d data table is called attribut
  • the set of all events of a study is called corpus


  • main concept for analysis
  • it is a acyclic directed graph composed of 2d data tables and operators
  • examples of processes are given here
  • operator are basic algorithms which needs configuration details to be fully de described
  • example of operator: rename, with configuration (in:”connect”, out:”begin”) to express the strings to be renamed
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Processes (gallery)

May 28, 2014 in Example, Process by denisb

Complex process. The first one is not the simplest, it is -essentially- a proof of concept: Process can be complex. demoARVSpaghetti


Linear process. The second one is the beginning of a long story: how to visualize the activity of students (linear process). sci_1


Data that are not student’s traces of interaction. The third one is an example of possible use of UnderTracks for another purpose: how to find and visualize differences between judges’ evaluation. hysteresisLog


A new idea. Different visualization to find the good one. ife


Linear process becomes a star. It’s a merge of the linear process and of the previous process. copex2

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UnderTracks got a matrix, it’s called hysteresis (Thanks to Claire).

UnderTracks a sa matrice, elle s’appelle hysteresis (Merci à Claire)


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Video 1

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Un petit exemple (avec l’une des première version de l’interface) de processus :

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Site access

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April 2014, 25th, internet access to the site is opened.

No structure yet (work in progress)

No visual aspect  yet (work in progress)


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Site creation

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April 2014, 16th : a wordpress site for the communication of UnderTracks is created.

No structure yet.

No access from internet yet.

Just site creation.

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Roussillon (Fr)

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April 2014 – Roussillon (Fr)


Tamago cours IFE Novembre 2013

May 6, 2014 in Data, News by mandran nadine

Les données de l’experimentation sur le logiciel Tamagocours IFE Lyon, Novembre 2013 ont été intégrées sur UT. Les processus de création de patterns et de visualisation ont été validées.